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"... and then suddenly he started licking me!" Well, I did not expect that. Only the strike, then I'm late and must cancel a user rotation and then Werner is at the door. I had already met Werner in 2018 and had a coffee with him. Now he stood there, what should I do now? So I offered him to spontaneously turn to me. He was pretty nervous, but he did a great job. I first showed him my pussy and thought I jerk off a bit in front of him and then he suddenly began to lick me! I did not expect that. For that I had to return the favor and have blown his cock nicely. WOW, that he then fucked me in doggy, I would not have thought. Naughty as Werner was, he just came then, well. But a real gentleman cares for the girl. Then I let myself be pampered by Werner with the toy. What a horny and spontaneous user rotation! #sexy #teen #doggy

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  • Rammstein006

    Mar 16, 2019, 3:23:15 PM

    Hi Jenny. Wieder ein geiler Fick. Und das ganz spontan. Bussi Uwe

  • Martin_Jan

    Mar 3, 2019, 3:05:46 AM

    Schön. Hast du lieb gemacht...

  • ald17-17

    Feb 21, 2019, 5:25:35 PM

    Heute sag ich dann einfach mal nur

    D A N K E !


    Response from Jenny_Stella

    Feb 21, 2019, 6:09:11 PM

    Ja, ich fand es super schön mit dir :) und es war mega von dir so spontan einfach zu sagen los auf gehts ich drehen jetzt einfach mal ein Video mit Jenny. Also sage ich D A N K E! was ich auch gut finde, das man sieht, das du kein Profi bist und so kann ich auch mal zeigen, das ich mit echten Usern von MDH drehen und kein Fake-Sachen mache :) KÜSSCHEN DEINE JENNY PS freue mich schon auf den Herbst, auch wenn es wohl nicht die Fähre wird :D ;)

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