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Nikky is entering with her useless cuckold husband. She sees old man masturbating and gives him a hand and rubs his dick with her pussy. Nikky decides to teach her husband a lesson, and also gets her family slave to the scene. She masturbates with old man and the slaves dick. She gives the old man and slave a double handjob at the same time and shows her pussy wide open to them. The cuckold has to watch all this and gets humiliated by all that he is a worthless husband and good for nothing. Nikky then takes a seat on the old man and wanks his sperm out of his old dick, right away on her wide open and wet pussy. The husband has to lick up the old man's sperm right away and clean the pussy up. Then the slave is ordered to release his cum on Nikky's ass. The slave shoots a really big load of cum on her ass and the hubby cuckold has to lick up all the cum immediately. Nikky smears the cum in her husbands face. His face is full of smeared sperm from another man. She enjoys her victory and to have him broken and leaves him behind as a worthless nothing.

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  • siola6

    Oct 2, 2017, 4:10:34 PM

    You med one that is Rating ist Out or Off the Pussy and swallows. Teach meine.

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