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  • Sep 9, 2017, 9:40:21 AM

    The pillory and me

    Today I was a bad slave slut. My master thought that I should be punished. As soon as he arrived, I had to go down to the playroom. There he threw me on the bed, and fixed my hands and legs in the pillory. So fixated on me already violent showers. I'll be so fucking horny as soon as I get tied up or fixated in any way ...
    Then he took chains and carabiners, pulled the carabiners through my nipple rings, fastened the chain to them and pulled my nipples with the help of weights. This sweet pain made my lust grow ... My Lord continued.
    Now chains were pulled through my piercing rings on the labia and fixed around the right and left thighs. My cunt has been opened so far. Because I should feel the lashes well ....
    Every single whip on my wide open pussy and my ever harder lust button increased my desire and lust. In addition the pulling pain at my nipples brought me pure ecstasy.
    Hot-whipped, my lord used me. After he has fucked me with one of the whips to climax, he fucked me hard alternately in ass and pussy. I screamed with lust and lust. It's so cool to feel these hard blows. Over and over again to feel the magnificent cock of my master deep inside me. With full ***** these violent blows deep inside me. With every thrust, I screamed my pure lust out of me.
    Being his love slave, serving him brings me total fulfillment. By serving my Lord, I experience desire, lust .. But also love and security and pure sexual freedom.
    I was still fixated on the bed. Delivered to everything what my lord wanted to do with me. He came around to my head, squatted over me and pushed his dripping from my Fotzensaft cock in my mouth. Deep inside. So he started to fuck me harder and deeper in the mouth. I enjoyed it so helpless, tied up under him and to be fucked hard in my mouth. I sucked, licked as his bumps got harder and harder. It makes me infinitely horny to be used just like that. When my master arrived at its peak in my mouth, yes spilled neck and ordered me just to swallow everything and nothing rauslauf, I came to the command to happy. The moment my lord spilled his cum into my mouth, I also got an orgasm ....
    My master freed me from the chains and the pillory. I lay twitching and satisfied on the bed. Such a punishment is really fun.

    Of course, there are also photos and films.

    Your devotion

  • Jul 8, 2017, 4:38:14 PM

    Today at noon. , , , ,

    , , , I did the weekend shopping together with my master. He also knows how to make something special out of such an everyday, normal thing! I was not allowed to wear any underwear for shopping, only my short wrap skirt and my black string body. And I got even between my willing opening pussy lips pulled out my rings left and right out of it. , ,

    Of course he made some pictures on the way to the supermarket and in the supermarket. To film it was too full, but my lord promised that we would do it again at a better time. , , , , , ,

  • Jul 8, 2017, 11:41:46 AM

    it's done. , , , , ,

    Our profile is online and is slowly but steadily filling up with life. , , , ,

    The first picture gallery is online and the first videos also. , , , ,

    Look around with us, we hope you like what we both do with each other and with others. , ,

    GG Devotion and Deviance