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  • Apr 22, 2018, 10:23:43 AM

    The history

    A little horny story, how is she going on ???? Have fun while reading

    You did not ask you long and I'm traveling my clothes off the back pushes me on the table you tell me you're small cunt now rips my legs apart stuck your head between my rassierte cunt my big tits I cringe and shake on the table you say Bohr you bitch tastes good and your pussy is so wet rammed my fingers in the pussy ahhhhh

    You whisper shamelessly into my ear na you little fuck hurray is time that you suck my cock do rising over me and ramming me your big stallion cock in the mouth you tell me you're dirty cunt I'll get it your pussy and ass right you pinch me in the cunt I scream correctly ..............

    How is my phantersie going?

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    Kiss your Doro