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I was in a hotel for a music fest. I woke up in the middle of the night & had to pee! Let's make some fun of it! I put on a large coat that with nothing underneath! The vid begins in my room, showing Im naked underneath! It just barely covers my butt! I walk out into the hotel lobby. We walk through the hotel hallway, looking for naughty place to pee! I decide I'm going to piss all over the stairs! With no elevators, there is a high chance I'll be seen! I slowly zip down my coat and show you my naked body underneath. I show you the stairs I am about to water! My pee begins to spray all over the stairs! It is LOUD! Then you see the last few drops of pee drip! Then I quickly zip my coat back up! I am excited for being able to pull off something like this! I show you the stairs COVERED in pee! Let's get OUT OF HERE! I show the stairs from the bottom, then I hear someone coming! I end up almost running down the next floor hallway! At that moment I was filled with nervousness and exhilaration! I had ended up walking into the wrong floor door, so I go back out into the stairwell to find my actual floor. I still have a giant smile painted on my face haha!

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