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I saw a public shower and naughty thoughts! I am so turned on by public masturbation! I take the head of the shower and put it right against my hairy pussy! After just a minute or so of letting the shower spray onto my hairy pussy I start to get close! ! I continue to enjoy the hot water as it sprays against my hairy pussy, and then finally I let out a wonderful cum! My body shakes and I control my moans, so hopefully no one hears me! Then I turn around, lift up my leg, and begin spraying that lovely hot water against my pussy from behind. I softly let moans slip here and there, while you see my enjoyment all over my face! My leg begins to shake and I bit my lip in excitement! I look at you with a GIANT smile! I love public naughtiness, it drives me insane in such a good way! I wonder if anyone heard me? I wonder if someone may have told the staff what I was doing? So I stand in the shower for a minute, listening if anyone is out there. We walk out and luckily it seems I haven't drawn any attention.. yet... I hope out of the shower and begin to dry myself off. You can hear other random women flushing toilets and moving about.

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