The time when I did the splits on the dancefloor...

Big Dick

The time when I did the splits on the dancefloor...

When I lived on the Caribbean coast, going out to party was a regular thing...I loved getting out on the dance floor and shaking my moneymaker all over the place! (I still do hahaha...)

So one night I was out of cash and walked over to the ATM machine, now my hometown isn't normally considered to be a very safe place, but Miss Pia rules over there. I'm a celebrity having been known to everyone in town as someone who has a good time and loves people.

Anyway, on my way to the cash machine, I took off my **** these babies were five inchers, and make my legs and ass look soooooooo inviting, but my poor feet needed a break! Naturally, I get a lot of attention with the way I present myself, sexy as hell but a tiny bit reserved and classy. I'm not an easy lay, nor am I stuck up. I think I'm a good mix of friendly but a bit careful too.

As I get my cash and get set to return to the disco, a car pulls up. It's XXXXX who is known to everyone as a power house in the local can imagine what that trade is; as a country that lies between South and North America a certain amount of let's say international commerce comes through.

XXXXX knows me well and knows that I have lots of sexy friends, both trans and "regular girls" that enjoy a good party. I put back on my heels, go back into the club, and put together my pussy and asspussy posse, so to speak. We go out and get in his big white Prado SUV and go to his house up in the hills.

It's a beautiful place with a great view, swimming pool, and all the modern luxuries that someone in XXXX's position would enjoy. The hot tub was my favorite. That night I took off everything except my tanga and enjoyed several large cocks. You know what they say about the African descendants? Well it's true! While I'm not a fanatic of black men (I prefer older white men who know how to treat a lady...) as boyfriends, they sure have the package, in both girth and length to satisfy this transgirl! The best part was when my ass was in the air, my feet and legs in the hot tup, and I had one of the black boys fucking my asspussy while at the other end I was occupied trying to wrap my lips around the boy facing me.

His dick was at least 9 inches if not larger. The guy behind me was pumping my tight ass so hard that I could hardly concentrate on that piece of man meat in front of me. So I just grabbed that fat dick and pumped his member while his buddy was actually rather quick to come in my tight ass. Good thing one of the party favors were lube and condoms!

Finally, the guy in front of me blew his load, a gusher of "leche" as we call it least four big spurts covered my hair and face. I was literally blown away by his cum load. Whewwww!

The night went on after that, until the sun came up and then some, with lots of bumping and grinding to the tropical music, and maybe a quick or not so quick fuck or two happened with the other girls, but I was (as usual) the star of the show! Keep tuned for more adventures of Miss Pia!


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