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  • My first masturbation at an innocent age.


    My first masturbation at an innocent age.

    I'm from a small town. My parents divorced when I was little, and my mother was busy with my education. In addition to the big house, my mother and I did not have much wealth. She worked hard to feed us. The father founded another family and had another daughter. One of my cousins ​​is much older than me and lives in a nearby village. As a teenager, I went to school, like everyone else. I often walked with girls and boys, had many acquaintances and friends. We had a large group of girls, and we often gathered in one of our houses. Sometimes, when my mother was at work, we did not go to school and gathered at my house where we smoked and sometimes drank ****. I have a very strict mother, so we removed all traces before she returned from work. Once we visited one of the girls with a small group of girls. Her parents were not at home. We bought ****, crackers for **** and anchovies for pocket money. We put a folding table in the middle of the apartment and sat down next to him in a semicircle. The hostess turned on the TV, but there were cartoons on TV that we were not interested in. And then the hostess offered to show an adult film that her parents watch before and during sex. She spied when her parents hid the video drive. We all agreed and watched. None of us have shown that such erotic scenes are confusing, just a glance at our cheeks speaks about it. Most friends focused on observation, including me. I first saw such an open scene. I was also embarrassed, I smiled and pretended to watch a comedy film. I felt my virgin genitalia get wet and grow a little more. After the ****, we went home. Returning home, I ran to the bathroom, took off my panties and washed my pussy well. My panties had sticky discharge, and I was curious about what happened to her. I walked over to a large mirror, put my foot on a chair and began to see what was going on between my legs. I had a strong desire to stroke my clit and my labia. They looked juicy. I ran my fingers over my lips and stimulated my clit. In the groin appeared pleasant sensations that are growing. I tried to press my finger deeper into the vagina, but he stopped, and a shiver passed through my body. I realized that it could be painful. I continued to stroke the clitoris and labia with my fingers, and I did it all faster and faster. A few minutes later my head was covered with a wave of joy, I began to twitch and almost fell off the chair. I lay down on the bed, and I had nothing to think about, my body vibrated gently with the clitoris. A few minutes later I calmed down and went to the shower. I have never experienced such joy!


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