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  • walking my dog in my tight neoprene pants


    walking my dog in my tight neoprene pants

    one cold morning on December 25,2015 at 5:30 am i decided to walk our little chauaua mixed with datson named Trooper. I had squeezed myself in my tight shiny black neoprene pants that look like leather. I had bought from the site,they costed me over $200, when i saw them on site it was love at first site.I said to myself i have to get them and i did, but anyway as i squezed in them they were every bit of snug hugging my every muscular curve on my body. From waist on down to my calves, my butt is sooo big i have to wear a belt to keep them over my cheeks, its so much meaty substance back there. The feeling of wearing them was so good as i walked Trooper and i felt loved by these pants i had so much desire for.They even have a big zipper pouch in the front, and i was just enjoying every little step as they were moving along with my body,while everybody was still ***** that Christmas morning. Then after that i got to a point to where i wanted to wear them early every morning to take a nice walk and a sexual fetish popped in my mind as i walked one morning. It was on New Years morning January 1,2016 i had just happened to come back home and drop and drop Trooper off. I went back out and finished walking by myself with my tight neoprene pants on, and down the hill from where i live there are tall pine trees lined up in a row facing homes on the other side of the street. The pine trees are soo big and tall it's like you are protected and not seen by anyone, so as i walked and looked at the houses on the other side, i walked in between two of the big pine trees. I don't know exactly how they were i didn't count; but as i went in between the trees i unzipped my pouch zipper down and started masturbating. Ooooohhh you talk about a damn good feeling milking  yourself outside in between two big pines out of all the rest on New Years. When the streets are empty Ooooooohhh yeess it was a good feeling and yes i milked and was relieved after that. The feeling of the pants had made me so horny and aroused i just couldn't resist masturbating, i don't think I'll ever sell those pants or throw them away. Which i know i wont do because i just love them I'm addicted to them.


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