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Was visiting my uncle during the holidays ... we had a lot of fun .. only my stuffy aunt was totally annoying and jealous of me, because my uncle finds me so keen. When my aunt was shopping then I had a bold plan. I went into my guest room and lay down naked on the bed, I was so horny that I made it myself .... it did not take 5min until the door opened a crack and my uncle Wixte his big cock and watched me. I pretended not to notice. Then the doorbell rang. I scared the door closed. I just heard a whisper in the hallway ... then a guy came in with a mask, shut my mouth .. pushed his huge cock in my mouth .. I could barely breathe, by the tail. When he brutally pushed me on the bed, ripped my panties down and pushed me his huge cock, I had to moan so loud, the door opened again .. I saw only a camera that filmed the action .. The masked guy fucked me so violently that I came twice .. When he was finished he closed the door and went ... I still do not know who fucked me so horny and brutal.

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