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  • Trapped in the basement

    Rough sex

    Trapped in the basement

    My name is Anna and I'm kept locked in a basement. I have no idea where I am all I know is that the man that keeps me here comes at the same time everyday and I have to earn my meals. I here master approaching and I huddle in a corner. Master grasps me by the hair and starts fucking me up the ass. The pain of my ass ripping is like fire and I scream uncontrollably so master puts his hand over my mouth and nose until my lungs burn. When he finally lets me breath I struggle to catch my breath. He pulls out and flips me over.

    “ You better learn to control your self or your punishments will get much worse.” Master laughs and walks to the chest with his toys. He returns to me with a mask and bindings. When he has the leather mask on me and my hands secured behind my back he goes upstairs. He returns with a friend.

    “This is her. You can do what ever you want to her as long as she lives.” says master and he walks away. The man grabs a needle and walks to me. He drives the needle though my nipple and my scream of agony is muffled under the mask. Then he grabs my other boob and and starts to pull and twist and I shake and try to get away. Now he lights a cigarette and puts it out on my tit and I shake harder still screaming. Finally he fucks me thrusting so hard each time he hits bone.


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    • sperm-shooter

      Dec 9, 2016, 2:59:52 PM

      pretty good start of the story, can you go on please? :) greetings from europe