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Female Domination

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Me and my friend Lady Tyra are wearing our leather pants and looking really sexy and dominant today. Our slave has to kneel in front of us and has to keep his face for us. Me and Tyra wants to gave him more hard face slaps than ever. We take a big swing with our hands! His face is burning from the strong slapping. But Me and Tyra having so much fun! We hit him alternately, so he did not have a breather. So we slap him again and again firmly. In this clip you can see how much gezwungen me and Tyra have. How strong we are. And how severely we can beat our slave. We are walking around of him and than we slap his face unexpected.

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  • Leruma

    Jan 5, 2017, 5:32:20 PM

    Mega genial! So würde ich auch gerne von euch geohrfeigt werden!

  • Riese05

    Dec 14, 2016, 8:27:28 PM

    ZweiGöttinen, sehr geil , Lady Tyra durfte ich ja schon live erleben, aber Ihr beide zusammen Whow stelle mich gerne zur Verfügung

  • resilon

    Dec 14, 2016, 7:27:50 AM

    Schönes Video, die Ohrfeigen sind nicht schlecht, beide Damen nehmen sich da nichts. Möchte auch mal testen wieviel ich aushalte, komme leider aus München

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