Dina Vol.1

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Dina Vol.1

The little digital clock she had on the night stand started it’s usual morning ritual, with that annoying beeping. She was barely awake when she reached out with a lazy attitude to make that little thing shut the hell up.

„Why did I even set an alarm? It’s Sunday.”

She was puzzled by this for a second, but only till all of a sudden she felt the touch of a warm hand on her shoulders.

„Of course, the alarm was not for me.”

Those warm hands started to wander downer and downer on her trying to reach for her breasts. This made her smile.

Last night she was out with her friends when she ran into him. Gary, and old time ex-boyfriend from **** school. They haven’t seen each other for ages, and that handsome look of him haven’t changed a bit.

After a few glasses of wine, they ended up at a back seat of a cab, making out, just like they did back in school.

Gary already held her from behind, his hands were playing with her soft breast and already hard nipples. Dina felt her morning wood, he he pushed himself between her ass cheeks.

„I see you’re awake for a while.” she moaned after Gary started to kiss all over her neck and shoulders, while his fingers were still playing with her rock hard nipples.

„I am. I was watching you.. Your boobs are hypnotising and made me remember all of those things we did last night.”

Dina smiled again as she pushed her ass to him which made him moan right into her ears.

„Is it not too early for…” she couldn’t finish her sentence, because of a scream of joy from her as Gary reached between her legs and slide his fingers into her pussy.

„It’s never too early, nor too later for what I am about to do with you my love. Besides, you are already soaking wet.”

Dina turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. Gary kissed her with that burning passion which made her feel like she is the only one he ever wants to have.

As they hugged and kissed each other Dina already felt the rock hard dick trying to find it’s way to her pussy. She rolled herself over him so she can be on top. She knew that Gary loves to watch her boobs dancing as she jumping up and down on his dick.

„Oh Dina, you’re pussy is so damn hot.” he moaned as she slowly sat on his dick and started tor ide it. Slowly first but the feeling carried her away quickly. She felt his dick pulsing in her pussy with every little move. Slowly her hips started to move faster and faster.

„Oh yes….. Dina loves your dick…..It feels so good…I think I’m going to cum…. right away.” she barely could speak up loud at this point, but this was the moment Gary waited for. He also started to match up the speed of of her movements.

„Oh God! I’m going to cum!”

Her pussy was twitching and pulsing as she came all over his dick. Her whole body was shaking so Gary sat up and held her tight. He kissed her slowly and almost carefully. But he only let her rest for a few seconds before he started to move again his hips, slowly.

By every little movement she moaned right into his mouth as he never let her lips alone. All of a sudden he grabbed on her ass and turned her over.

Ha was on top of her and Dina spread her legs open as a beautiful flower does at spring. And Gary could not wait to push his dick into her again and again and make her give so much nectar as she just could.

He pushed her legs back so her ass will lift up to the right height right before he pushed in his dick into her still shaking pussy.

Dina screamed out loud as Gary started to pump her wet pussy. With every thrust she became louder and louder.

„Yes!Yes! OH God! Yes! More!” Dina was keep screaming as he give her more and more of that wonderful feeling which made her head dizzy and her eyes rolled up as she came again. This time her pussy squeezed so hard that Gary could not hold himself back anymore and shot all his load right into her juicy pussy. Dina felt his dick pulsating inside of her as he shot his load over and over again.

They lay on each other after this for long long minutes before Gary left for a shower and Dina kept dreaming about that wonderful morning, with the cum still dripping out of her pussy.


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