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High Heels
Vanilla Sex

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She is going to a meeting, dressed in ****-heeled nylon pantyhose. You can not look at her calmly, you want to touch her legs, her ass. In the morning you had sex, but you want more, you start to touch her nylon legs. "You're crazy, honey," she says and smiles at you. You give her a condom that she herself put it on your cock. She thinks for a moment, teasing you and then agrees. Your girlfriend gently put the condom on your cock and give you a blow job for a while. She becomes horny and you start caressing her pussy through pantyhose. Then you make a hole in the pantyhose and enter your cock, into her wet delicious pussy. She likes it, every movement of your body, every push in her pussy gives her a mad pleasure. Dive into her deeper, feel how wet it is inside. She teases you a bit, and then rides on your mighty cock. Then you enter from behind, this is her favorite position in which she always get the strongest orgasm. You look at her beautiful and pretty face, in her teasing eyes, when she gives you a hand job so that you can have an orgasm and give her your warm liquid. She crave to get your sperm, she do

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