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High Heels
Role play

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You can wear a maid dress, your seamless pantyhose, no panties, black open heels, a pearl necklace and earrings (I saw this in one of your "real doll fetish" clip). Your eye makeup is normal as you like and your lips are in red lipstick. You wear a hair tail, gloves and a maid's overhead. The scene starts you clean in the room, you are dressed in full clothes, your boss still in bed, he is sleeping, you make flash on the camera in a full shot, sometimes showing your ass in seamless pantyhose. Also you can show close frames of your pussy in seamless pantyhose. Your boss wakes up and watches you, he looks at you and starts playing with himself under the blanket. You come close to him and start to clean up near him, maybe adjusting the pillows or a blanket and you notice your boss is masturbating under the blanket.You suddenly open the blanket and are surprised that his cock is so huge, you've wanted to see his cock for a long time, it was interesting to you. Before you a huge hard cock.

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  • WetNylonSlave

    Jun 3, 2018, 3:12:24 PM

    Great movie! Fantastic artwork! How was the feeling being hammered through the seamless pantyhose?

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