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You are walking in the room /you are reading something or doing something else/ and the camera captures full body shot or zoom in at you - tits, ass, feet. You can make some ass tease while you are leaning on a desk or something simillar/ You can do a sexy straddle to make the skirt tighter while the camera captures you from the back from your feet towards your ass, also you can sexy rise your leg up while you are leaning. Generally everything sexy that you can do - you can add something from you, but still looking sexy and classy. Of course you can walk, lean several times and meanwhile the camera captures different parts of the body or full body shot. As you are leaning a big cumshot spreads on your ass and you wonder what is happening. You see that the big cock in front of you caused this and you go to it. You are angry for making your skirt messy but when you go to it again it spreads cum on your skirt again. You can't go to work like this, so you realize

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