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Foot Fetish

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Day 4 final scene (10 minutes) It's dinner time, you wear black 8-10 den pantyhose (the one you wear in 373), a mini skirt and the usual high heels. You that is the last chance to definetly corrupt him You are seat on the table, and your cousin is in front of you. The best will be if you clone you in the shoes of your aunt which is seat at the same table. If it is easier to put her elsewhere in the scene (provided that she is visible) it's ok as wel(I think the clip where your are in the kitchen is a good location to reproduce this scene)l.The camera is frontal, so the whole scene is focused.Your skirt is so short that all your nyloned legs are visible. you start crossing your legs and moving your feet, dangling with the shoes. (Zoom in on your crossed legs and feet under the table)Your cousin intentionally lets the fork fall on the ground. With the excuse to take it, he looks your open legs. He saw the heaven. He comes back in the normal position and your start provocating him with your feet, while your aunt is unaware and doesn't notice anything of what is happening.Your cousin understands that is the "present time", so he is gonna

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