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Female Domination
Foot Fetish

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Its early in the morning. You’re back home from a partying al night and you’re a little *****, but the effects of all the ******* you drank have mostly worn off by now. You are so glad you ran into Gabriel, your second cousin whom you had not seen in years, and who you always fancied as a t....... The both of you come in through the garden and sit by the pool to chat for a while about the old days. You soon notice that his eyes keep passing over your legs so you start to cross them and uncross them slowly discretely, like nothing is going on, but giving him just enough time to take short peeks up your dress. You can’t believe he’s looking at you in this manner, this is your t..... fantasy come true! You start dangling your print high heels only to see his face, and he sure seems to like it. Still, you are not sure about how far he is willing to go, so after a while of talking and teasing you stand up and start goofing around, walking up and down the side of the pool like you were a fashion model. He is mostly keeping his cool, but you can see a bulge straining against the crotch his pants (poor thing the one thing he can’t control). The feeli...

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