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  • Mar 3, 2018, 6:16:33 AM

    417 The most desired evening

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    Day 1, morning. A scene in the kitchen. You cook breakfast, you can simply cut the fruit or vegetables as you wish, this choice is yours. In this scene you wear pantyhose and office clothes, I attached a photo for an example and your red lacquered high-heeled shoes. Your spouse approaches you and starts to flirt with you. You flirt with your husband and play a little with his cock. After you say that you need to go to work and leaving his in this situation.

    Day 1, lunch. A scene at your work. You can do this in the office or equip your room for an office, it's up to you. You wear the same outfit as in the morning, you sit at your desk and do a dangling. At this time you talk on the phone with your spouse and invite him to lunch with you, your shoe falls to the floor and we see your nylon feet. You are in a cafe, restaurant, bar in any crowded place wherever you feel comfortable. You sit against each other. You know that your husband loves your nylon feet and that's why you decide to play with him. While you wait for your lunch, you put your foot in shoe on your husband's crotch. You gently stroke and slightly. After this, hard cock is removed from the pants, you take off your shoes and tease your husband with your nylon feet and toes, and foot if you are able to get it. All this will happen under the table. You will end up teasing your husband, when the waiter comes up to your table you stoping.

    Day 1, evening. You come early and change your pantyhose to black 8 dan. You lie on the bed and call your spouse, you say what you are wearing now and that you are waiting for him. Your husband is coming and he is very excited. You a tease him through his pants with your nylon feet in heels, and then take them off. After you press and rub your husband's cock And give him a good footjob. You can make different camera angles. Also you do toejob and stroke hard cock between your arches. He cum to your nylon legs. Your fingernails and toenails are not painted.

    417 The most desired evening