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  • Mar 2, 2018, 4:33:51 PM

    The Deal

    Your video "shoot below" Hello KatiesClub, Unfortunately, your video "shoot below" could not be approved. Any reference to money and money exchange is not allowed Best regards steevan


    Here is the next shoot below.

    This shoot is based on you shopping for a new pair of shoes. Have a selection of shoes on a table and your man is a home shoes salesman. You walk in dressed in the Secretary outfit, same underwear, fully fashioned stockings etc as last shoot and really high black shoes. Makeup dark smokey eyes as first shoot (maybe even heavier) and of course glossy Bright red lips made as big as possible (maybe try and get them even bigger if you can ) . As your skin is so pale, use some brown bronzer between your tits to highlight your cleavage please. You look at a couple of shoes then see the glitter ones to buy. He says they are $1,000 dollars but he could give a really good discount if you model them for him and give him a bit of a sexy show. You put them on and walk around, unbutton your blouse and give him a good eyeful of your cleavage, lift your skirt enough to show you are wearing stockings. Say, I wonder what I have to do to get them free, I love them so much but can’t afford them. I wonder if this may persuade you, take his finger and slowly slowly take it right into your mouth in your red glossy lips and start rubbing his cock. He says OK. I want you to deepthroat my cock, right to the base, every time you take it right to the base, you’ll take $100 off the price. Say it’s a deal as you love to deepthroat a big hard cock but not sure you will fit it all into your pretty mouth.

    He says , if you want those shoes you will. Get into position 1- Lift your skirt so just the top of your Stockings are showing, make sure your blouse is open and your cleavage on show. He strips off and is completely naked and cock rock hard. He stands still and you are in control, take his cock in mm X mm really really slow, pause as you feel the gag reflex, get used to it, then go deeper until you are right to the base. Lots of gagging , drooling as you really want those shoes. Lots of slow deepthroating then film you taking off your skirt and blouse and say, come on then fuck my face, force me to deepthroat your big hard cock. move to



    Position 2 – This time he is in control and you remain still whilst he face fucks you, really slow deepthroating, really forceful making you gag and drool.

    Position 3 – You are back in control – slow deepthroating again. Film you getting into next position 4 by kneeling down and point to your Red Glossy lips and say, I want those shoes, I’ll let you come over my glossy red lips and face if you give me those shoes. He agrees

    Position 4 – Kneel down do a little more deepthroating . The actual comeshot needs to be like the picture as the last one was from the side which wasn’t as good. Huge squirting come shot over your face and lips and after he has come, take his cock right to the base with you covered in come. Same rules apply. Never use your hands , keep your lips Red and glossy at all times, film a long shot and a close up in all positions, always trying to get nice cleavage and legs, heels like the photos. So all four positions, film with 2 cameras, 1 long and 1 close.


    WOW!!!!!!. didn't get an email from you to say it was done but saw it has been. That was fantastic, WOW you can deepthroat perfect now!! right to the base. I bet your partner loves it! .

    A perfect, well filmed and to my exact spec, brilliant job and a fantastic facial!! I see its already in at number 3 on lipstick category. i'd say put it in deep throat category as well, as that's another quite rare place to see decent clips that are full proper deepthroating. Love it! Ill definetly order again, same deal if it hits top 5 again?. I'll get the outfit sorted in plenty of time for the next one.

    thanks again

    The Deal