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  • Jan 27, 2018, 6:34:11 AM

    413 Cum In My Heels

    Custom Clip Request

    Scene 1 description: Teasing

    In the first scene, I would like to see you walking into the room wearing satin red robe and wearing the red heels I requested, and then sensually teasing in front of the camera. A small dance during the teasing is a nice bonus. After the dance / tease, you could sit on a chair and remove the red heels, and then proceed with dressing up.

    The camera angle is simple, basically full body shots as it could capture your full body movement and beauty.

    Scene 2 description: Dress up.

    Outfit should already be within reach. Outfit: 3 pairs of pantyhose (2 for legs, 1 for arms. The one for arms have a hole in the crotch for the head to go through), jeans, T shirt

    Continue from Scene 1, I would like you to layer 2 pairs of nude pantyhose on your legs, and 1 pair with a hole at the crotch on the arms. Essentially a body encasement. Both pantyhose waistbands should meet at the waist or somewhere in the middle of the body. Use duct tape or any other type of tape and tape both waistbands together, essentially becoming a pantyhose bodysuit. A bonus act maybe to lie down on the bed and massage your pussy with your pantyhosed hands for a bit, then you wear the jeans and T shirt and do some poses.

    The camera should move out from the end of Scene 1, back to a full body shot. You can be sitting on the bed when wearing the pantyhose. When massaging your pussy, the camera could have a close up view on your pussy. The camera will move back out to a full body shot when wearing the jeans and T shirt.

    Scene 3 description:

    Cumshot into heels Heel requirements: 3"+ or 4"+ ankle strap heels. Lockable heels such as the image in an earlier email is a big bonus. Open toe heels also a bonus.

    A fade cut can be done from the previous scene. The scene can start off with you holding up the heels in front of the camera with a sly smile. You could then kneel down and perform a blowjob to your man with your pantyhosed hands holding his dick. You will then follow up with a handjob with the heels in front of his dick until he cum into the heels. Preferably to cum in both heels. Better if your man saves up a big load.

    The camera starts off with a front view when you hold the heels with a sly smile. The camera will then move to a side view during the blowjob, with the pantyhosed hands visible. The camera could remain as side view during the handjob. A fade cut could be done during the handjob to skip to the cumshot. Nearing cumshot, the camera should move to a quarter top down view of the heels, with the cumshot into the heels visible.

    Scene 4 description: Teasing, wearing heels and walking

    Continue where the previous scene left off. You will spread the cum in the heels by tilting the heels around. You will then play with the cum in the heels with your pantyhosed toes, then wear the heels. Lock the heels if it's lockable. You will then walk around in the heels in the room, and then pass the keys to your man (if lockable). You can then leave through the door in a dress if you wish, walking down a corridor for a bit. Maybe at the end you could strike a pose and send a kiss? That would be good.

    The camera picks up from the previous scene, moving close to the heels to record the cum flowing around the sole. The camera remains close up during the toe dipping and wearing sequence, recording the full heel strap buckling / locking process. Wearing both heels should be a continuous shot. The camera can then move back to a full body shot during the walking and end sequence.

    -Script End-


    Hi Alice, I have downloaded the video, and I must say I'm super impressed, the video is down to every detail in the script. I couldn't wish for a better Christmas present! Once again, thanks for the video!

    413 Cum In My Heels