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  • Oct 17, 2017, 2:20:46 AM

    Control of a nyloned photo model

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    Custom Clip Request

    I have this clip in mind: You are a going to a studio for a photo session, but you don´t know that the photographer likes to have a little fun with the models. You arrive to your session wearing a cocktail dress, classy makeup, light black pantyhose, and high heels pumps. The photographer will offer you a “special drink” and after you drink it, he will start taking pictures of you modeling your dress and shoes. A few minutes later you will start feeling sleepy, you will sit on the couch and will fight to maintain your eyes open but it is a fight you will quickly loose. Now you are completely out and it is time for fun…………….

    The photographer will take several pictures undressing you and posing in different ways and moving limp body all over the studio, he will your shoes off but will not take your pantyhose off and will take a lot pictures while removing your heels and playing and massaging your feet. He will rub his cock with your limp feet and eventually he will cum. He will redressed you and wait for you to awake. You will apologize with him telling that you don´t why you fell asleep a will get another date for a new photo session.


    I have enjoyed every second of the clip, great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Control of a nyloned photo model