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    383 My cousin's always wears nylon

    Custom Clip Request

    You're a flight attendant(so tru to dress in a similar way as decribed after) and you're guest at your rich aunt's house where she lives with your cousin because it is closest to the airport.

    Day one (only few seconds scene)

    Your cousin has seen you in the act of steal money from your aunt's bag. You noticed that and you understand that your only chance is to corrupt him, otherwise you will loose your free accommodatio

    You've often found your nylon in another place with respect to the place you lay them. And often you have found cum on them. So you realize that your cousin love to use them. The day after you start your plan to save your accomodation.

    Day two(5 minutes scene)

    You're laying down on the sofa (frontal camera) relaxing before going to work. You only wear culottes (or a loincloth is the same) and a blouse. You are not completely dressed because is summer and the temperature is hot. You also have the shoes (without plateau, not the black one you used in my last video, I didn't like at all the franges)the typical hostess scarf and the mini skirt you will wear near to you. Your cousin is seated near you on the sofa. You put on black(8/10 den) pantyhose (show me your wonderful nyloned ass and legs) and you immediately catch his attention. You put your feet on a small table in front of the sofa. Now he is in love with your feet. You got it so you start move them, while you're asking him 'have you seen anything strange yesterday?' You 'accidentally' put your nyloned feet on his cock. He answers 'it depends on you'. You answer 'ok i think you haven't seen anything ' while you slowly move up and down your feet on his cock. His cock is being bigger, so you kneel down in front of him(show me your nyloned ass) and starts a blowjob(camera from his pov). Simulate he cums (I saw you do something similar in video with a lot of cum) in your nyloned legs. Now it's time to go to work, so you put on your skirt, your scarf and your shoes and you go away,despite of you have cum everywhere(show me the details)

    Day 3 first scene(5 minutes scene)

    It's time to prepare yourself because you have to go to work. So you are in your room. You intentionally leave the door half-closed, because you know that he want to spy you while you're dressing. In fact he's spying you. So you decide to drive him crazy. You first put on black 8/10 den stockings with a mini black skirt and black high heels shoes (whitout plateau, it's important). You look at your self at the mirror, pulling up your skirt, moving sensually, adjusting your stockings, etc. In the meanwhile he has started masturbation and you're very happy about that. You invite him to scrape his dick on your nylon. He does that. He is near to cum while your hear your aunt's voice. So you stop giving him the pleasure.

    Day 3 second scene (4 minutes)

    You have finished preparing yourself and you seat on the sofa near to him. You ask him if he thinks the skirt is too short (it is because the stockings are well visible especially when you're seated). You put off your shoes, and put the feet on the sofa. You start touch his face with your feet. You really want to continue what you have aborted before. He kisses them and starts touching your nyloned legs. You say to do whatever he wants even though You're a little bit worried because your aunt is in the other room, but you decide to continue starting a footjob. The footjob is going great, But after a while you hear again a rumor and in a rush compose yourself, wear the shoes and leave him without cum another time. He is very disappointed and you are worried because he can tell to his mother that you are a theft.

    Day 4 (4 minutes)

    You wear 8/10 black pantyhose and you are having a shower. You intentionally keep the pantyhose on. He is spying you. Show me your wet nyloned ass, legs, etc.

    Day 4 final scene (10 minutes)

    It's dinner time, you wear black 8-10 den pantyhose (the one you wear in 373), a mini skirt and the usual high heels. You that is the last chance to definetly corrupt him You are seat on the table, and your cousin is in front of you. The best will be if you clone you in the shoes of your aunt which is seat at the same table. If it is easier to put her elsewhere in the scene (provided that she is visible) it's ok as wel(I think the clip where your are in the kitchen is a good location to reproduce this scene)l.The camera is frontal, so the whole scene is focused.Your skirt is so short that all your nyloned legs are visible. you start crossing your legs and moving your feet, dangling with the shoes. (Zoom in on your crossed legs and feet under the table)Your cousin intentionally lets the fork fall on the ground. With the excuse to take it, he looks your open legs. He saw the heaven.

    He comes back in the normal position and your start provocating him with your feet, while your aunt is unaware and doesn't noti

    383 My cousin's always wears nylon