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  • Oct 7, 2017, 7:42:38 AM

    You're open my passion

    Custom Clip Request

    You arrive at home after work and have in mind to change clothes.

    You take off jeans and t-shirt and wear white blouse, long red skirt and red high heels. Your boyfriend is sitting on sofa and you talk to him about your day pressing sensually your right heeled feet on his crotch like a gas pedal. Then you slip off his pants and play with his trobbing cock, especially with the peehole for a good time. You lick and kiss his cock and play with his edge. You spread legs and play with yourself. Then you pump again his cock like gas pedal for a bit and then you take him in car for sexy revving and masturbation. You give him some handjobs while you masturbate yourself and do the revving.

    When he comes and jets of sperm shoot, you also get an orgasm..


    Miss Alice, when you lick the cock, you are a real Goddess. Congratulation, very good video for a very good girl.

    You're open my passion