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  • May 19, 2018, 6:40:20 AM

    433 You Didn't Even Know You Had a Hair Fetish Before Met Her

    You didn't even know you had a hair fetish before met her... Her hair is so long and soft, and you want to smell them. You've tried not to think about it, but her blonde hair keeps you up at night. Her hair so silky, smooth and luxurious. You imagine it wrapped around your hard cock. You think about your cum spraying into her long and smooth hair. You can not wait any longer and so today you decide to hint her about your fetish. Your girlfriend is no a fool! She knows exactly what you want, she starts playing with her hair it your one true weakness. She teases you with her long hair. She starts wrapped it over your cock and balls. The gentle touch of her silky hair on your cock, do you feel it? She did not stop there, you like it. You've never been so turned on. She wraps her hair around your cock and starts stroking you. You are ready to cum, but she has not finished yet. She wants all your semen on her silky and incredibly hair.

  • May 8, 2018, 1:56:23 AM


    My new girlfriend comes home from work, wearing a white blouse, a black skirt, suntan pantyhose, and black stilettos, her required uniform for work. She's found out about my pantyhose fetish, and wants to surprise me, and show me how to REALLY satisfy it.

    She pulls out a few special pairs from her dresser, and tells me to put one pair on myself. This is a special pair, with a "3rd leg" sheath for my cock. She gives me a peek under her skirt and reveals that she has the same "3rd leg" sheath pantyhose on, but with her sheath already stuffed deep into her pussy.

    I am instantly rock hard, but the nylon fun doesn't stop there. We both get completely encased, head to toe, in suntan pantyhose at this point. She sucks and jerks my cock, I lick and finger her pussy, and we fuck - all through two layers of pantyhose...she keeps telling me how nasty I am for having a pantyhose fetish the whole time, lots of dirty talk...I pull out right after she cums, and she finishes me off with a vigorous handjob, demanding me - "cum in your pantyhose!" I cum, loudly, right through the pantyhose sheath. She doesn't immediately stop, though. In order to make sure I've drained all of my cum, she keeps jerking my cock, just a little bit, as a bit of mild post-cum torture.

    She tells me that I need to keep quiet about this, and if I'm good, and keep my mouth shut, we'll do this every week.


    I just want to lead you to know that I’m extremely satisfied with the "Extreme Pantyhose Encasement Sex” video. For me, it’s the best one that you have ever made. Please keep on doing the pantyhose blowjob encasement thing, it’s amazing! Does it feel as good as it looks?

  • Apr 30, 2018, 4:31:07 AM

    430 The Long Drop

    Wearing a a below knee length skirt with black tights and heels with matching top, you pull into a remote outdoor car park with your partner. You have some time to spare so you put your legs out to his lap for him to stroke and fondle. He pulls your skirt back and starts rubbing your legs.

    He begins to grow an erection and he unbuckels his pants and pulls it out to rub on your legs and shoes. You ask him if he's managed to save all his sperm for the past week and you put your hand under his balls to weigh them. Once satisfied, you tell him you have also kept your promise of wearing your tights and shoes for the entire week and it is no problem to apply fresh cum to your legs and feet today and you wouldn't mind him shining your shoes with his load either. He takes off one shoe to sniff your shoe and week old tights foot and is clearly happy with it before replacing it on your foot. But today there is a dilemma as you are meeting up with others so sperm stains must not be visible on clothes nor can it go all over the car as it is borrowed car, so he has to find some place to shoot his sperm into.

    You tell him to think where to shoot his entire load before having to ejaculate and begin to rub his member with both your shoes. He begins to insert his member into the space between your foot and your shoe and rubs your tights sole inside but you force that shoe off onto the floor and rub his member with your shoe and your tights foot, telling him he can always shoot his precious load inside the shoe once he is ready because you wouldn't mind wearing his sperm on your feet and having it soak it up.

    He starts scratching his fingers at your tights foot heel but you tell him cannot rip your tights that you spent an entire week baking the smell into, it would be a waste! So because you feel like soaking his sperm into your skin why not shoot into the foot of the black tights…like you saw him do a couple of days ago? But you tell him not to worry as it was not noticible thus no one commented her wearing spermed black tights and as long as he didn't jerk it these remaining 4 days his balls should still be plenty full of fresh sperm.

    So you undo your tights from your waist down to the foot and stick his member inside between your foot and the tights and tell him to shoot inside the foot of the tights with your foot still in it, you want to feel his warm sperm on your foot without letting a single drop go to waste. You kick off your other shoe and rub his member with it also. Your toes inside fork and grip the member when going from head to shaft. Eventually he comes inside, swallowing up your painted toenails with a sea of white and when he finishes you pull your tights back onto your ankle to make sure none escapes.

    Your partner will shoot any remaining sperm into your other heel and wipe inside for your other foot to enjoy while you comment that he clearly still has cum left and asks if he wants a handjob into the other shoe to fully drain and orepare hik for another week of fresh sperm. (Is it possible for 2 cum sessions so soon?) You then wriggle your painted toenails to see the sperm flow inside and you comment it is a lot more than when he jerked into the same tights foot a couple of days ago. You pull up your tights and put your shoes back on.

    Then it is time for the meet up and you both get out of the car. You move your feet inside your heels to put thrm on firmly and walk towards the destination. But you comment it feels uneasy because of the slipperiness in both feet so you take them out of the shoe to inspect your cummed feet and shoes. You slip them back on and get up to continue walking during which you suddenly remember the party house had a shoes off policy at the door…


    I love the video, thank you so much for shooting it! It is very well made and according to the script! Your legs and shoes made it so perfect! Thank you once again!

  • Apr 24, 2018, 7:18:15 AM

    429 Surprising Blowjob From Tailor

    If you could do a ten minute custom bj shoeplay video where are a tailor/seamstress kneeling down measurimg pants of guy with measuring tape. Wear outfit hair shoes and makeup of video 410 but no barelegged as no nylons. Start side view and the as measuring heel pop like video 389. Do that for like minute. Switch to pov view and show playing and then you notice arosed and take out for bj. Show pov for like minute. Rest is rear view with heelpopping and close up and full. Make sure with heelopping do where pop but still on and then come off and soles rest on shoes. Do like alot of times but when do heelpop slow popping out until come off. Let me know price and time done

  • Apr 19, 2018, 9:43:11 AM

    428 Made for Each Other

    The script is divided in 3 parts: 1) submission, 2) revenge, 3) reconciliation

    Scene 1)

    Daytime: Living Room/Kitchen Outfit black vintage stocking, black pumps, skirt, glasses. Gear: fake wedding ring with case. Your behaviour should look strong, his behaviour weak and shy.

    Your man want to marry you so show he has a wedding ring inside an open case. I tells himself "I can do it". He closes the case and enters the room, where you are sitting on a stool/chair at the table reading or watching your mobile phone, dangling one of the shoes. While entering he suddenly stops and start watching your feet almost as . You watch him with the tail of the eye, while keeping doing what you are doing. After some dangling you make the shoe fall from the feet, your man suddenly wakes up, he put himself to his knees and ask you to marry him. You take the case, close it, and put it in your pocket and tell him that is not going to happen till he becomes a man. After that you put the feet in his face and ask him to lick it. While he licks one of your feet you can tease the penis under his trousers with the other foot. After some licking and torturing, you laugh at him put slowly your shoes back and walk away. He must remain on the floor till you get out of the room, after some time of thinking your man humiliated from what happened stands up closes his throws something on the ground and leaves the room searching for you.

    Scene 2)

    Daytime-Bedroom: Outfit black vintage stocking, black pumps, skirt, glasses (the scene continues).
    Your behaviour should look strong at the beginning while fading to a submissive and disconcerted one towards the end of the scene.

    He finds you in the bedroom he asks to have his ring back, you shrug at him not even bothering to answer. your man than forcibly pushes you on the bed move your panties aside, remove shoes, and start to fucking you doggy style (dressed). As you try to complain and react he presses your face on the pillow. He sometime smack your ass with a hand after a bit he pulls you up from the pillow throwing your hair and keep fucking doggy style while grabbing your throat with one of his hands which he uses to silence you (with your amazement) when you keep trying to speak to resist the unwanted situation. After this he sits on the bed and fuck you {PIC 1} position telling you after a while "who's the man now!". He then pushes you on the bed and cover your glasses with cum, show that you feel disconcerted of what just happened. He grabs the case with the ring from your pocket and leaves.

    Scene 3)

    Evening before sleep-Bedroom: Outfit white stockings and lingerie, high heels mules or sandals with soft plantar.

    Your man is reading in bed lying on his back (he should not move from this position for all the ending scene), you enter sexily the room move aside the blankets and jump over him. Your man doesn't care and keeps reading while ignoring your effort. But you don't quit trying and start to suck his dick until is hard and interested!. After that loosen up one of your shoe (but do not remove it) and remove the other one while lying on the bed like {PIC 2} (or similar just be sure to be comfortable) Put his dick between the shoe plantar and your feet and let him do the hard work of moving your feet up and down with his hands (one should hold the heel and the other one the ankle). During the shoejob with the free foot (with no shoe) tease his balls from time to time, when he is about to come put the bottom of your free foot toes over the edge of his penis letting he come over them. You then slowly remove your wet cum stocking and tie his dick with it. Move your naked foot towards his face (like it's time to clean this mess). He stops your feet before it reaches his face he opens the wedding ring case which he kept hidden somewhere and puts the ring on one of your toes. You say "I do", and both happily hug and kiss.



    We took our time to watch the clip more than one time in a row. It's awsome, and full of details, perfect in every way. You guys both made our day special, with a clip full of sensuality, domination, funny moments and of course an happy ending! Couldn't have asked for more!! :D