The man for certain hours


The man for certain hours

The man for certain hours There he is again, the dreaded moment. I lie in the bathtub and imagine I would not be alone in the apartment. After the bath, I would apply cream, perfume, put on a black, silky something, which shows more than concealed. My way would take me to the room where he works, who loves me, idolizes and carries on his hands. His eyes would shine, and without many words he would know what I wanted. Unfortunately, I am quite alone, no man in my apartment and the longing for physical proximity rises. What to do? Well, there is Marcel. A short SMS and the contact is quickly restored. Marcel is what every single woman wants: a faithful lover. No obligation, no fixed dates, just the man for the certain hours. We know each other two years now, a coincidence has brought us together. That from us was not a real couple, has a very simple background. Marcel is not a family person, holidays in the circle of the loves are a horror for him, he goes on a tour with friends, enjoys the days off. I love to spend the holidays with my family in peace and decorate the apartment for Easter and Christmas; A fact that would lead to quarrels from the outset. But the sex with Marcel, who was good! I do not want to say that I only get to know big, well-built men, but it's a special feeling when strong arms are around your body, you can feel secure and protected. When our lips find, I can not stop again. His kisses are like a drug. His tongue makes me mad, brings all the senses into alertness, and it does not take long until a pleasant tingling runs over my skin. When we first met, we talked well, had fun, laughed at the same things. But we soon realized that a living together would not get us. But I still wanted to ***** with Marcel. The afternoon was coming to an end, and we left the restaurant to go to the cars. There was a certain tension in the air. I looked for my car keys, opened the door and put my bag into the car. I wanted to have the hands free for the parting kiss, at least to the full to enjoy. Marcel took me in the arm and then I felt this tingling the first time. We looked at each other and grinned. Marcel spoke out what we both wanted, and we drove with the cars to his apartment. He accommodated spacious and tastefully furnished rooms, equipped with a lot of modern technology. The apartment suited the man I accompanied. But I was only interested in the bedroom. A huge bed, two by two meters: That should be a wonderful night. Days later we telephoned, and Marcel asked if I could imagine a purely sexual relationship. At first I swallowed, but then I thought of that night. Now I am not the cool, self-assured woman who speaks openly about it, but the thought of being able to call a man at any time, when I am after sex, is already a pleasant idea. This is how it has been for almost two years now. We send the good news to the festivities, the birthdays and the moments when we feel lonely. On some days, it is like a thought transfer, just a short deadline or a "to equal", and the problem of longing for proximity is solved. If we have not seen each other for a long time, we talk briefly about the past time, but actually we need hardly the warm-up phase. We know what we want, what the other likes, and we have sinister fun with each other. Without wasting a thought on our environment, we give ourselves to our pleasure. Our common time is not disturbed by obligations or worries, even when we talk about personal things from time to time, no one feels bound in any way. Every now and then the thought comes to me, as it would be good to always wake up beside Marcel, or even at night, when I feel like I can feel his body. But I quickly push this idea aside. Why? Then I would have lost a great lover! Marcel has offered me lately to stay overnight, but I declined every time.


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  • einfachicke

    Feb 18, 2020, 8:45:20 PM

    sehr schön geschrieben

  • Dbabe86

    Feb 10, 2017, 11:23:02 PM

    Wow, Romantik ohne Romantik, bemerkens- und wünschenswert!

  • Pur-pur-pur

    Feb 3, 2017, 10:06:26 PM

    schöne Geschichte, danke, dass Du so schön schreibst, liebes Hexchen, KUSS!!!!! KUSS!!!!!! :) :) :):) :))

  • glimpse123

    Feb 1, 2017, 2:28:55 PM

    Eine wundervolle Geschichte.