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  • Jun 11, 2017, 3:12:08 PM

    Overcome your disgust

    Today you will be my Pisstoilette. That's what makes you horny. You have to see that! You have to treat yourself to something ... It's about fun and passion and not about a partnership. Pee games are my world, I like to run it. When the warm piss in the mouth, you have to ***** something to swallow it, which I find very exciting. Then everything runs in the stomach and warms you from the inside. Once you've done it, you either never do it again, or the piss drinking tasted and you're addicted. It's better than the pee just to make it to the toilet, so has one of them. It's also about the attraction of the forbidden, the tingling sensation in the stomach, because one actually does something forbidden. It really speaks against all the rules of good education, but I do not care. Just lie down under me and I pee in your face. You have to know yourself if you open your mouth and drink my piss, or if it makes you just fun to be pissed off. At noon is spicier and in the evening rather tasteless, but not so yellow. You can hold your finger in the urine stream and then you lick it off. I want to piss on the tail when it comes to you and then mix our hot juices and we are satisfied, yes? Would you like that? Of course it would! My nectar makes your penis hard, is that right? It's just delightfully liberating to do it. I drink a lot and what goes in, that must someday be out again. I think it's cool when men drink my piss, that's a very special proof of love. After all, it's piss and it tastes not so good. But if you're horny, then a lot is different, then from yellow piss tastiest pee. I have no idea if I want to fuck with you, but wanking together would make me really happy. I usually do sex with myself and because of my strange preferences, I have not had much sex with men yet. I just like it very diagonally. You may also lick me, but not only so short, I really want to feel your tongue for a long time, I want to have orgasms until I have to pee. This is my secret fantasy, but now you know a lot about me. All this stimulates the glands, then it runs out of me really slimy. What do you do not do everything when you're horny, you know that yourself. I think you can not become much more intimate.