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My mother a new friend Jochen, he comes over almost every week for a coffee and he should fix my shower head, but every time he has pushed himself before. Anyway, he was back to drink coffee and I'm tall and wanted to unscrew the shower head while it has sprayed me with cold water so that I have called him angry. He comes to the bathroom I stand there with a wet shirt and I ran the water between my tits. Then he got some stress from me and took off my wet shirt. He starts right on my tits I saw that immediately and turned it on, damn it. After I got rid of my stress I was horny and told him to fuck me now and then he fixes the shower head. He did not say that twice.

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  • edhunter76

    Jan 29, 2018, 7:11:10 PM

    Richtig geiles Video!!!
    Da wäre man doch sehr gern mal Jochen! ;)

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