The touch I miss the most

Female Domination
Rough sex

The touch I miss the most

The touch I miss the most...

the feeling of your fingers so rough, so firm, so warm as they lightly skim across my back.

The firmness in which you wind your fingers through my hair and yank my head back to give your soft warm lips better access to my neck,

the feeling of your tongue as it glides up my neck leaving the hot cold sensation that makes me want to just combust and freeze all at the same time,

and how it makes every nerve ending in my whole body just burn with desire for you.

The scratch of your beard as you rub your chin across my cheek searching for my ear,

and the electrical shocks the run  through my body when you clench your teeth on y earlobe as your warm breath fans over my ear.

makes the most gut wrenching clenches in my stomach as the warm wetness in my panties builds,

i can feel your primal need to take me just as strong as I can smell your arousal,

and I can feel the hum in your body as you try to restrain the beast that just wants to devour every inch of my awaiting body.

As your touch becomes rougher, strokes harder, caresses more urgent

you go from nibbling to biting, from feather-light touch to full on gripping of my tender flesh.

I whimper out with need and your touch gets more primal, its gets firmer 

and you go from light scratches meant to entice to carnal nail digging. mark leaving, pawing of my body

that makes me cry out with want and all the while I go from wet to absolutely drenched running down my thighs,

waiting, begging, pleading with you to take what is yours.

And as you toss me to the bed and slam your hard cock all the way to the hilt, deep within me,

you grab my thighs from underneath and spread me wide as you hold me and slam into me repeatedly,

all i can do is thank you and plead for you to never stop as I come over and over again.

We ride the torrent of primal energy as high as it goes and as the beast is sated and the tempest is over we ride the storm to completion,

I can feel every nerve ending in my entire body tingling and firing and my breathing is so ragged all I can think of is this is where i want to be forever....

This is the touch i miss the most........


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