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That was a very hot farewell fuck hehe! My ex boyfriend came to my new apartment to bring me some of my things ... quite a lot of my lingerie was still at his place. Something he had never shown interest in anyway- and suddenly that spark between us was lit again! So I just wanted to feel his big cock one more time! Besides, the sex with him was always really great! And what the hell, it's not my problem anymore when he cheats right from the start! So I start with sucking his big dick and let him fuck me directly on the stairs from behind! I don't want to let him into my bedroom anymore! ;) Finally, he wants to cum one last time on my face – and it was so much that my face was totally covered in his hot cum! I don't think he has ever jizzed so much on my face before! That wasn't normal anymore! I hope I'm going to find another guy who has so much cum for me! ;)

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  • sheen78

    Jul 22, 2018, 5:42:56 PM

    hammer geil, du bist extrem heis

  • CmcCloud

    Jul 8, 2018, 5:07:23 PM

    Seehr geil
    Vieeel Sperma im Gesicht steht Dir ausgezeichnet!
    samenhafte Grüße

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