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Fuck, what did I get myself into? I've known my friend Sonja since elementary school, now she's engaged ... and a couple of weeks before the wedding she's getting doubts. Is her fiancé really faithful? Anyway, I 'm the one to find out. Obviously I was just supposed to get a reaction out of him – and not his dick! Oops, that definitely went wrong! Because I had just started to seduce him, when I already felt sorry for him - because with Sonja I also would have no fun in bed! I wouldn't have thought that she was so prudish - no lingerie, no change of positions, no moaning, no swallowing! The poor guy, no wonder he takes the next best chance to cheat! But what am I doing now? Should I tell her the truth, destroying our friendship and her marriage? Or should I rather say he passed the test and give her some sex tips?

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  • mokiam

    May 13, 2018, 12:08:20 PM

    10, dich muss Mann wollen, bitte dreh mal einen Nylonfootjob mit deinen süßen Nylonfüßchen!!!

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