A fucked up day dream ((couple weeks old))

Female Domination

A fucked up day dream ((couple weeks old))

Well that was

Something else.

Was picturing myself having my friend Jay over to hang out, nothing else, just talk, watch a movie. Possibly cuddle but fact of the matter is I cuddle most people i'm friends with if they let me.

Then I pictured mike coming over, I'm out of the room when he arrives and he sees Jay on my bed then immediately goes to just leave. I open the door from the living room to see him and try to stop him from leaving, just to be angrily shoved against the wall by my throat with an intense look of angger pointed at me and I want to look away.

Jay comes put to say Hey! Not liking what he sees and mike lets me go to drop against him, I dizzily gasp, Jay please leave. Frustrated he put his shoes on, not up for a forced confrontation but not wanting to back down at the same time against the percieved alpha in the room.

Then mike smacks me very hard and tells me not to speak and to kneel at his feet.

As jay leaves he says for me to call him later, mike growls that I wont and Jay says in a fuck you voice that its not up to mike. As soon as he's out the door mike says like fuck it isn't and grabs my hair making me stand and drags me to my room, tossing me onto the bed.

He demands I stip and lay down, taking his pants off too and says for every sound I make he hurts me and this time I wont like it.

SO BASICALLY I just had a day dream about getting rape punished for seeing my friend :| Why did I do that? I haven't had a rape dream in forever. Or a straight up punishment dream.



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