missing my xoxox

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missing my xoxox

I miss you, Its nothing new and we both know it. Its still sweet though right?

when I'm out the first thing on my mind is you, wishing I could just lay my head on you, feel you rub my back a little, reassure me things will be okay. though you wont or can't always promise me that.

I wonder how often you think of me and why you do. Do you just sit around missing me like I do? Do you think about the future and what might happen or what you want to happen. How many scenarios am I in?

I think of you and I feel fear and Joy because I can't read your mind. Theres what you say to me and then what you do or what gets said later........

i'm never sure how to react to anything. should I be positive and just trust you know best? I do want to say my part and not feel like i'm being imposing or to clingy.

The times I miss you the most are the times I wish I was sure of what we are. I miss you now because I just wish I was in bed with you, in a home we share. no matter whats going on around us. I like it better when we just lay together not worrying. when its all sweet words and truth. you always I feel tell me what you want when you're being sweet. not what you need or is expected, your dreams for us.

I could just be thinking to poetically to hopeful. but if the case is you really are telling me your dreams then I can't stop missing you. I always wish you could see you how I see you. and I wish I could see myself through your eyes........

((non sexual erotica))


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