In my bedroom...

Female Domination

In my bedroom...

You follow like a little puppy dog me into my bedroom and onto my king sized waterbed.  I slowly strip off my top,  letting my marvelous tits spill out and you are all over me in a second.  Kissing me, kissing my tits, rubbing hands on my body, pressing that hard cock against me.  you lie me down on the bed and take off my panties and immediately go down on me.  And you know how to eat pussy.  I finally push you off me and onto the bed, straddling you. Ooooh now I have you.  Now I can indulge in doing what I want and you are just a passive ********** beneath me (told you I have dom tendencies?)  slowly I kiss and lick behind yours ear,  and down your neck and between the shoulder blades.  By now you have a raging hard on and I can feel it at the crack of my perfectly poised ass.  Oh but I am going to torture myself before I got there,  I am going to enjoy your body for just a short time before I focus on your gorgeous cock.  I kiss your bare chest, lick the salt off your body,  then to yor nipples where I suck and lick lightly.  Oh yes, you are moaning now,  telling me how gorgeous I am and how great it all feels to you  Well of course it did,  I am worshipping you and at the same turning myself on incredibly.  I got to yours belly button and there I kiss and lick and suck.  By now I can smell you, I can smell your cock;  I can't wait any longer, but I made myself go slow, kissing yours thighs, the inside of yours knees.  Like a lioness crawling towards her kill, I move up slowly across yours legs.  Can you just see me, hair tousled over my shoulders,  dreamy, dreamy look on my eyes as I focuse on that which I want more than anything?  

And then, I am there. The first thing that hits me is the sight of you.  He is gettin bigger than before with a very smooth shaft.  The head of yours cock is magnificent, like a perfect pink mushroom waiting to be eaten by the hungry lioness.  And there is the smell of you.  I put my head between yours balls so I can smell you. MMMMMMMMMM.  And now I put my hand on yours shaft.  So smooth, soft and yet hard.   

My hands now on the shaft, moving up as my mouth goes up, down as my mouth goes down.  Making a warm, soft sleeve for yours cock, the feel of mouth and hand.  By now you are letting off and that combined with my saliva was more than the necessary lubrication that I needed.   

I start to work harder.  

Not really thinking at all, just following that dance that has been danced for all of time by women like me that love to suck cock.   

And soon I can feel you swell  and I knew that you are going to cum and I knew that I wanted all of that cum in my mouth because that is the last piece of the puzzle. 

The last sensation, to taste yours hot, creamy spunk.  Then it was there, in my mouth for me to savor.   

It taste delicious and I swallow it all, secretly wanting more.   

I look up at your eyes and see a happy man.  

I hope you will come back soon .........


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