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  • A week in rubber


    A week in rubber

    Day 0:

    "OK, so let me summarize what you want. You want me to lock you up in latex for a whole week because you would like to experience full enclosure but you don't feel determined enough to do it yourself."

    "Mostly yes. I would feel like I am in chastity, give you the key and full control."

    "All right. You said catsuit, hood, gloves and socks. But if you want it then I want full control therefore I choose the clothing. Strip down and wait for me in the bathroom."

    It was Sunday afternoon.

    The bathroom was next to the wardrobe and I heard you were packing and sorting. I was working at home in my own company, nevertheless I have a lot of design work for the next week. I was thinking about how I will handle it.

    You came in with some lube, an inflatable butt plug with tube for enema and with a big bag.

    "Uhh or wow?!"

    "I think you will like it. I thought about some fun for the week. Let's prepare the base!" you said with a big smile.

    I bend over, you pushed the plug inside and filled my stomach with at least 3 liters. It was a shocking, exciting, amazing feeling as the water filled me.

    "I don't want you to be disturbed by all these backdoor things, you will go on a liquid diet, then you can be plugged for the whole week."

    You repeated the procedure two more times to be sure I'm empty and clean.

    "Now let's get dressed. I already prepared your outfit."

    First came an underpants with penis sheath and pissing tube and zipper for rear entrance.

    "Ahh, I forgot. Open wide! I don't want to hear complaining from now." You said and put an inflatable butterfly gag in my mouth, than lightly slapped my cheek.

    Then I had to dress up in long red stockings and matching shoulder length gloves. After that came a back zipped black catsuit. You took the gag out, fitted a black hood with mouth, nose and eye holes and put back the gag. I had to put on platform boots with **** heels, then ankle and wrist cuffs from thick latex and a red neck corset.

    "Now bend over!" with that you cuffed my wrist to my ankles. "Legs wide open!"

    You zipped down the catsuit and pants and inserted a vibrating inflatable butt plug. My hard on was even bigger after it. You took a corset and wrapped it around my waist, tightening it as my breathing was a little restricted. Last I got padlocks for every possible position.

    "Now we are ready for the moment. As it is almost evening I will dress up for watching TV."

    You disappered, but before you lead me to the living room, made me to kneel and restrained my arms behind my back. I took the chance to play with myself, as I got access to the plug's inflator and the vibrator control.

    "Ohhoohoo! How you dare? It would be better to restrain you more!" Soon I found myself in an armbinder with the vibrator turned off but the plug inflated to huge.

    You took up a panty with a hood on it at the crotch. You put me inside the hood and I have to lick you while you were watching TV. If I stopped you slapped me on my butt with a riding crop and give the inflator one more squeeze.

    "Well, maybe it would be a better week than I first expected!"

    I lost the counting how many orgasms did you have, but my tongue and jaws were aching like hell. But I had to lick because my butt was going to tear. Finally you had enough. Being such a good slave you deflated the plug and switched on the vibrator, nevertheless didn't allow me to come. I was really frustrated and I felt as my manhood would explode if I couldn't come. You lead me upstairs where a tight latex sleepsack was lying on the bed. You ****** me inside and I didn't have any possibility to touch myself. Fortunately you removed the plug for the night, however I couldn't *****, but it seemed you could. You hugged me and fell ****** shortly. My mind was racing. Full of feelings and thoughts about the recent few hours and what is coming next?


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