Transvestite Housemaid For A Day


Transvestite Housemaid For A Day

We have devised the perfect closet TV’s experience where not only do you get to dress up like a slut you have to behave like one as well. I will personally manage your transformation into our housecleaner “Simone” who comes over several times a week for general household chores. I will have everything you need laid out of the bed comprising of:

White Bra (Gel liquid inserts to ensure you not only look like you have tits but the weight makes you feel it as well) Charcoal Tights , White Panty-girdle, Red Skirt, White Blouse, 4 inch high heels.

You need the panty-girdle as experience has shown that you will be erect for a lot of the time and we don’t want a stiff cock getting in the way just yet and ruining the illusion. A condom is also a good idea as it keeps in all that lovely pre-cum which we can use later. When you have stripped off I will need to start with the condom and you can lie back on the bed and let me give you a helping hand in getting that cock nice and hard and allow me to put the condom on for you,

The tights are next as the panty-girdle will go over these to make it easier to remove later, Then I can help you into your bra by doing up the hooks from behind and copping a feel to ensure your cock is still enjoying itself even though it is straining for release against the string silky smooth tight underwear. I have a lovely old red skirt that I wear and being the size I am pretty sure it will fit you as well and is just the right length to show a lot of leg without being too slutty and a nice silky blouse tucked inside

We have left several items around the garden and you will have to go outside in full view of any neighbours looking and pick them up and return them to the house. There will be at least 5 things but you can only bring them back one thing at a time so you will have to get used to walking in those heels pretty quickly. There will be a week’s worth of my used underwear and clothing scattered around the bathroom and bedroom which you will have to gather together for the wash. Most of the items will need untangling so you had better be ready to un-fold used items that will probably have dried cum on the crotch.

We have two toilets in the house each with their own sanitary bins which I will make sure have not been emptied in a while. You will have to pick everything out of them by hand and gloves are not provided. When you have put everything into a plastic bag you will have to dispose of that bag in the outside dustbin straight away. This is in the front of the house so you will have to go outside the front door where there could well be seen. Household cleaning would not be complete without some toilet duties. You can stand there while I take a piss but don’t be surprised if I am very messy and the entire toilet seat gets sprayed and I stand up before I finish and get piss all over the floor. Don’t worry you can have a tiny piece of sponge to mop it all up with but it will take you several rinsing out squeezes with your bare hands to get it all picked up.  Porn is playing on the TV we ask you to dust and we laugh at your blushes and tell you that you have to wipe the screen clean no matter what is playing on it. Reluctantly you agree to our requests and have to strip down to your underwear removing your skirt and blouse while we both get totally naked. You will then have to do the following:

Kneel on the floor with me and while I suck on my husband’s cock you will be gently holding onto his balls and rubbing them; then I will just let the end of his cock enter my mouth and you will have to wank his shaft for him. Having had to help me when I suck cock I would do the same for you and guide his cock into your mouth for you to learn how to be a whore as well. Then kneeling side by side we have our mouths open as he thrusts his cock in one open hole and then the other until he chooses your mouth to be the one who sucks on his cock. Next I get fucked by my husband but I will be on the table with him standing giving you the opportunity to lick on my clit and pussy at the same time a cock is pounding into it. Of course don’t be surprised if every now and again he pulls out of me only to have you eagerly lick of all the cunt juice before you guide his prick back inside me. When I am soaking wet you will have to take over and bury your head in my soaked cunt sucking up all the sex juice and swallowing anything I squirt if I orgasm.

With your restraining panties now removed you will have to come closer to me and let me cut a hole in your tights and take out your cock which I doubt will need much removing. Carefully taking off your condom and ensuring I don’t lose all the contents of slime you would have deposited.


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