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1080P 60FPS! You like them big? You like them loud? I simply get on video only my best ones! My flatulence will arouse you like you ever been before! Watch and hear me push it hard for you! TYPE OF FARTS INCLUDED IN COMPILATIONS - Non-Stop Farting - Cupping multiple farts in a coffee mug, smelling and describing them - Blowing multiple candles with my farts - Giantess farts on a little man - Fooling around in leggings and farting while walking, humping, jumping... - Making fly away tissues with my farts - Farting in my fridge for the next person to have a nice surprise - Farting on the wall so the neighbors could hear them - Farting in a hot shower - Farting ass flat on my transparent shower door - Farting with ass full of soap in the shower - Inserting a fox tail butt plug and farting

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