Headache Cure... (Part 2)

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Headache Cure... (Part 2)

As her body relaxed into the aftershocks of her orgasm, she grasped my dick gently in her hand again, swirling her fingers softly over the smooth skin of my shaft. I leaned her back slowly against the side of the tub, bringing the vibrator up to tease her nipples, kissing one as I set the vibrator against the other. My left hand slid down over her belly, and I easily inserted 3 fingers inside her slick pussy. Her fist closed around my cock in response, her thumb circling the head firmly. I moaned into her breasts, sucking greedily at her nipples as my head became hypersensitive to her touch. I trailed the vibrator back down over her chest and stomach, teasing her clit for just a moment, and she cried out as I pushed it inside her hungry core and the vibrations rocked through her body. But I wouldn't push her over the edge again yet.

Grinning mischievously into her pleading eyes, I brought the vibrator back to her breasts, while I caressed her left nipple with my right hand. With my left, I pressed the vibrator against her right nipple, my tongue a mere centimeter away flicking across her nipple and occasionally licking fully around it. Kissing slowly across her chest, I switched nipples, giving her equal pleasure on both breasts.

Once again she cupped my balls in her hand, her head back, eyes closed and her breath coming in short gasps of pure pleasure. She gently rolled me in her fingers, kneading me and stroking all the tender places that would bring me pleasure as well. Turning off and setting down the vibrator outside the tub, I reached behind her to massage her ass with both hands, still using my mouth and tongue to play with her nipples. I smiled up at her and laughed, "I love how silky the soap makes your skin feel." She smiled back at me, continuing to alternate between long strokes of her hand up and down the shaft of my cock, and swirling her palm around the hard smooth head. Slowly, I brought her soft body back over my own as I slid my fingers behind her to push into her pussy from behind. She let her weight fall on me as she leaned in to kiss me, hard and fierce, moaning again. I kissed her back, gently sucking on her tongue to muffle her moans. My right hand continued squeezing her ass while my left slid in and out of her, and I pulled away from her kiss to nibble at her earlobe. "Feeling better, lover?" I whispered, gently sucking and nibbling at her neck. She whimpered softly in answer, whispering back "Oh that's so unfair...I love when you do that. Yes much better." I pulled her body on top of me as I lay against the tub wall, holding her close against me. I raised her ass up out of the water, slowly sliding her hand off my now-throbbing cock. She let go reluctantly, whispering a simple "Please..." Her quiet longing made me abandon any thoughts of teasing her further, and I gently pushed my cock against her pussy, entering her tight warmth. I began small thrusts in and out of her as we kissed passionately. She gripped my shoulders tightly, gasping and moaning against my kisses. Slowly I built the speed of my thrusts, causing small waves in the warm bathwater. I grabbed her hips, slowly gyrating her torso as my cock slid in and out of her, never quite leaving her hot pussy. The heat we’d generated in the hot water caused droplets of water to come streaming down the walls, cooling on the tiles as the fell, running over my shoulders and her hands and arms and causing us both to shiver with the change in temperature. I pushed her body up again and returned to sucking on her nipples, and she cried out and arched her back, pushing her breasts into my mouth. Pulling back to kiss her, I grabbed at her breasts as she pressed them against me, fondling them lustfully. Slowly, I ran my hands down over her stomach and gripped her hips, helping her to spin around without leaving her, and pulling her back against my chest. I slid my cock in and out of her tight pussy, bringing one hand to her clitoris and massaging it lightly, bringing her to the edge of bliss. She leaned her head back against my shoulder, moaning with pleasure. With my free hand I turned her head away slightly, nibbling her earlobe and trailing wet kisses down her neck. Turning her face back to me gently, I brought my kisses back up to her mouth. Her lips opened to me easily, and I searched her mouth with my tongue. I grabbed the vibrator again, and with my left hand held it against her clit as I increased the speed of my thrusting in and out of her warm womanly lips. She drew in quick, gasping breaths as her body shook with pleasure. My right hand came up to tug gently at her nipples, and she shuddered with every touch, her pussy tightening around my cock with shivers of pleasure.


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