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Female Domination
Rough sex

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I work my man up like never before. I have several dildos, some that are just way too large for myself. But that didn't stop me wanting to use them on my man's virgin hole. I start with generous amounts of vaseline as lune and stroke his cock to get him in the mood. Then I start with my smallest dildo, which is still over 7" and very thick. Soon enough I'm slamming my 8+ inch dildo balls deep into his wanting hole. I remove the thick cock and show off his nice gape. Before long I'm ramming a 9.5" dick that's almost 3" thick into his sloppy asshole. He begs for the real cock as I make him cum in his own mouth while fucking him to completion. He sprays an enormous load into the back of his own throat while the largest dildo ever is stretching his butthole to the max.

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