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  • Sep 27, 2018, 6:38:09 PM

    Hi I'm looking for a new fucker .... if you feel like filling my hole then get in touch.

    What awaits you ?: You can fuck me with your cock.

    You can also put other things like fingers or the whole hand in my pocket.

    You can shoot or take pictures.

    You do not want a threesome problem ... .you can bring your friend / buddy or even your girlfriend.

    What do I expect ?: Cleanliness, discretion, regular meetings (several times a month).

    Of course, women may report something more than just -standart sex.

    What are my dreams: Big cocks and two cocks in the hole. And feel two hands in the hole.

    If you / you feel like telling me to do it !!! Please send me pictures. If I like it, I'll contact you.