Surprisingly wet photoshoot

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Surprisingly wet photoshoot

I had a shoot with a new photographer this weekend! He was middle aged, greyish hair and a big smile. He brought two big softboxes and a big camera. We said hi and talked about the shoot at hand. I  had an idea of lying on a bed with my white fluffy pin up skirt looking all sweet and inocent. He set the light and we tried a few shots just for the light check. My make up was light with glossy lips and fake eye lashes. I wore a baby blue silk top but no bra, since my breats are small and I wanted my nipples to show under the thin fabric. That looks really good on photos.

We strated shooting for real when the lightning was perfect and he sat down next to me to show the photos. One time his arm touched my arm and I felt him freeze for a second. I let my arm be close to his and felt my nipples stiffen. I think he noticed the change in my body but he stood up from the bed and continued shooting. Asking me to hold my hand on my stocking and one hand near my mouth.  I looked into the camera and as always, I made love to the camera with my eyes. Let my hand play over my body and inhaled slightly when my posing was not posing but lusting. My photographer saw what happened and slowly put the camera down. He came closer and said he had to correct my skirt so my panties would not show and reached out his hand. His fingers accedentally touched my inner thigh and I could not stop the deep shiver through my body. I could not hide it any more. I wanted him. I wanted his hands to find all the places on my skin where I have freckles, to free my breasts from fabric and kiss my hard nipples. I wanted to feel his warm, hard body on top of me. I closed my eyes while he examend me. He took a long time to get to know me before he opened his jeans and pulled them down. His dick was hard, pointing slightly to the right. My pussy was so wet already. So ready. But he just played with me. Let his dick sniff around, but not putting it in. I got crazy. I needed him. I needed to feel dick. After for ever I could not wait any more. I took both my hands around his ass forcing his dick inside my hungry pussy. I held him close to med and started moving, arching from the bed. Oh sweet moses... In the bright light of the lights I took him, and he took me. Finally I asked him to come. I opened my mouth to show him where I wanted him, and he pulled out just in time. I felt his throbbing penis explode in my mouth. I held him in my mouth while he ejected and afterwards he fell down on top of me. I smiled. He smiled. I really enjoyed this photoshoot.... 

Love/ Lucy


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