Latex Breathplay

Female Domination

Latex Breathplay

I love dominating maskulin guys with an attitude, and I'm sure you qualify for that!

You're dressed in black latexcatsuit, wearing hood, gasmask with tube, big heavy boots and a harness. Just like I want you. I tie you to a chair with your hands behind your back. I start without the gasmask, but with blindfold and gag. Tied up, blindfolded and gaged, I kneel between your spread out and tied up knees and slowly start to lick your latex thigh - slowly moving up to your balls. Sucking them all into my mouth, playing with my pierced tongue all over them. I suck your balls a bit harder every time my mouth explores you. I get up and turn around, press my tight latexcovered ass against your cock. Slow but firmly rubbing it up an down. Your breathing becomes heavier, I find the gasmask again. First I take away the blindfold, course I want to watch your eyes while you have the gasmask on. Still gaged you have a hard time breathing with the gasmask on, and the sound of your discomforted breathing exites me, so I'm very WET now. I place the tube from the gasmask, spotting a fling of anxiety in your eyes, as you feel the breathing getting even harder now. You really grasp for air, as I start sucking your cock all the way to its root. Your body streatching backwards to get air, and your exitement makes it impossible to controle your breahting and keep it calm. As I intensify my sucking, working you faster, licking and sucking, caressing your cock gently up my latexcovered face, and then suching it very hard using my teeth a bit. Your breathing is HARD now, and I stop sucking your cock, get up unzip my catsuit and climb on top of you, back turned to your face, so you have a good view of my ass, pumping up and down your cumfilled cock, I give your balls a firm squeeze. I now ride you untill you're just about to explode, but then I stop and walk away from you again - now whining for more and drooling through the gag, you twist and turn on the chair for more to set you off, but only as much as the robes allow you. I stand in front of you now, watching you. I pick up the end of the rubbertube for the gasmask and walk up very close to your eyes.. and I close the hole entirely. Your eyes getting scarred and wild as you struggle for air. And I let you breathe again - fear is out of eyes, but I can see a bit of anger instead. I laugh and close the tube again, this time for a bit longer, my back turn to you. "When I turn, you're allowed to breath," I tell you. Waiting... And I turn to you again. I lift the gasmask to take out the gag. I kiss you hard as I have a firm grib around your head, and then I put the GM back on again. You swear and yell "Slut" after me, but I just take the tube again and put it inside my catsuit close to my pussy, so you get to breathe my pussyair and nothing else. I kneel again sucking your cock. You are gettin there and I get up spueeze your nipples hard and then get on top of you, riding you to orgasem - and you've been good so I'll let you cum on my ass.

Look out for a followup


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  • GothicToyBoy

    Dec 28, 2015, 5:33:38 PM

    Soooo hot. And I eben have the clothing for it ;-)

  • RottenChris

    Dec 17, 2015, 11:49:57 PM

    Wicked story, a turn on for sure... looking forward to get my buttons pushed. THX Mistress