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Female Domination

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Well, unfortunately, your olle English teacher let you go through everything and you were not caught today, the one young, horny sharp-dressed teaching teacher entered the classroom! Mrs. Demona! Ms Demona has checked it in seconds that you are a horny little jerkbob and you immediately thundered to detention! When you enter the room for detention after class, you will be asked to undress and show off your cock. That this is hard and dripping is infinitely embarrassing to you! Now that you are given a lesson and have to jerk off your teacher and it makes you even really sharp makes you more than unpleasant, but it makes you hornier than anything else before. You love to be used by powerful women, and now you kneel before her and she tells you what you are for a small failure! You are going to tip twice, that was still the nice part, because the mess has to be done and even guess who does that !!? #dominantewichsweisung #rollenspiel #cumeating

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