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Female Domination

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So that we can understand each other directly - we are here in the middle of a 4-part basic training bootcamp! If you have not seen parts 1 and 2, I guarantee that you do not understand now! My commands, your basics, the anal play and the cleansing you should now master perfectly! You have to wait until you hear my orders on your shabby ears! Watch out, because here you learn your last position and get the command for the exam preparation at the end of the video! Only with these 3 videos you will pass the test to the king under the Analfotze! The task is fixed! Next comes the test! So be diligent, so that you can survive in part 4 at all! #analsklave #bdsm #ekelaufgabe

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  • lust-knabe-bln

    Aug 13, 2017, 2:03:47 AM

    da ist was schiefgegangen... leider
    dieses Video ist exakt das video von gestern: Sklaven Bootcamp! Anale Grundausbildung 1! Hart, dominant, herablassend! | by Lady_Demona

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