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Female Domination
Role play

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Well, how do you react to a surprise visit from your boss? No idea, you come back to your office and suddenly I sit there with this wonderful, cheeky grin on your lips, which signals to you that I probably already something again ... * hahaha * What I am probably today with my little squeak ? I bet you're nervous now, but also excited again at the thought of being able to enter your office, waiting for you. Thousands of thoughts go through your head and then you do it, you open the door ... (continuation to "lunch break? Haha, from the ..." & "Catched, do you deliver yourself or do you announce?")

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  • blackhawk30

    Sep 10, 2017, 9:34:55 PM

    Geil KG und Leine gleichzeitig. fehlt nur plug und mundknebel für meine Darstellung als devotling :-)

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