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Female Domination

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I promised you a surprise tonight. I love you so much. But I saw this handsome man. You know him pretty well too. Guess who? You hate him. He is someone who broke your heart. Honey, it's your best friend at college. Yea him. You used to be so close until your ex-girlfriend cheated on you with him. And now he's about to fuck your wife. How does it feel? Honey, I decided to have sex with him, whether you like it or not. Oh honey, he's not coming here. Do you really think an important man like him will drive all the way here just to get laid? You will be driving me to him, honey. Start the car now. His orders were to wear a leather jacket and nothing else. It's time to drive your wife so that she could get fucked by a proper man, honey. Now when you driwed me your pregnant wife almost naked to fuck with your friend i would love to be his secreatry for today wich he is fucking always! I want he do all to me even what i dont let you do to me while you watching ! ahahah my cuck husband loser!

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