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High Heels

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You make my high heels crazy again? This clacking, when I come running up to you, makes your tail vibrate. I'm so gracious and give you a Wichsanleitung, where you can permanently admire my legs and heels. Based on my paragraph, I'll show you exactly how to jerk off your cock. Sometimes faster and sometimes slow - the pace I always pretend and with Wich pauses you have to expect. Otherwise you jerk off small wanker anyway much too early, right? No matter how much you have focused on my shoes. You will notice that I am not wearing a bra under my tight dress. And this knowledge will animate you to unexpected heights and make it even hotter than you already are. Stick your tongue out! You will also bravely lick my heels, Wichsi. Are you already feeling the first drops of pleasure? Pull yourself together nicely. Only with my spray countdown you can make yourself easier. Maybe I will install but a few nasties again? You'll have to find out. And when I'm done with you, I'll just stall!

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