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Well, do you need new stuff again? Let's start the year with it! You urgently need new stuff, because you are emaciated and emotionally empty: my videos make you mercilessly addicted and rob you of your last synapses. Nobody can resist that. There is no therapy against this addiction - once obsessed with me, always obsessed! But all of that is not bad, because this addiction does not affect your health, on the contrary, this addiction helps you to feel better. You will never come out of this wonderful vicious circle again. Today there is again especially hot stuff for you, brain-fucked loser! I'm standing in front of you in my ultra hot leather bikini and talking to you again, I'm talking any last doubts you may have left out of your head. My lascivious movements do the rest, and so I worry again for a strong brainwashing.

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  • Sumboss

    Jan 26, 2018, 9:34:17 PM

    Du bist und bleibst einfach eine Granate. Aber Du hast Dich irgendwie verändert... kann nur nicht genau sagen, wie.
    Hoffe es gibt irgendwann nochmal ein kleines Filmchen mit ein wenig männlicher Action :D

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