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Female Domination

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You are addicted to my irresistible videos and once again urgently need a Wichsanleitung your mistress. And to be sure it stays that way, we will deepen and intensify that today. This desire video will not only please you, you will love it! You want to be my slave and you want to indulge yourself unconditionally? I will give you mantras and you will repeat them! I want you to say loud and clear: "I am a slave of Mistress Anja." Your lust is increased by me, immeasurably. I will be the only woman who can satisfy you! You will also say this loud and clear again: "I am the property of Mistress Lady Anja." And then this beautiful sight of my adorable sexy ass. That fucks your brain, that makes you willless, Wichssklave. The absolute highlight, will be the countdown. You may and you have to jerk off your cock on my command. You will, however, experience a veritable ordeal, because I will not make it easy for you once again. After all, I enjoy it a lot when you spend it on me.

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