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Female Domination

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Again you come crawling and wailing for my attention. You say you are not addicted? Be honest with yourself once, because then you would find that you can no longer live a normal life without me. This video is for you the severest psycho talk that will bind you even more to me. Even more? Is that possible? Finally, I already determine your everyday life. I am like this an insatiable addiction. An addiction that you have to indulge in day after day. Your miserable everyday life has become much more interesting since you may call me your mistress. I'm the first thought in the morning, and I'm the last thought when you go back to sleep in the evening. In between, you automatically reach for a cell phone or laptop and check all the time whether I have written to you or admire my videos. Seriously, that should not be an addiction? You are more than totally dependent on me. I have you in my hands, in my tender hands, but they can still do anything. You want to let go? Forget it!

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  • smartesKerlchen

    Nov 22, 2017, 10:36:57 PM

    Oh ja Lady Anja, ich folge dir in deinen Videos und Fotos tatsächlich schon seit Jahren bei PA und hier, weil du wirklich so verdammt begehrenswert bist!! Bitte höre nie auf da zu sein!!

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